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Baní, his land, his people.

The cultural and social identity of Baní keeps its semblants of the past. From the Spanish conquest, European immigration and the traces of the Taíno peoples. The character of its people is the result of the varied contrasts of a land that beats between the mountain range and the sea.

Its foundation dates from March 3, 1764, and since before its institution, it already had the church Nuestra Señora de Regla, now converted into an imposing cathedral that emerges as the flagship of the Banilejos unit.

It is a city that keep its airs of large town intact, not in vain is considered by many as the "Capital of the South". Clean, well-kept, with friendly people and many charms yet to be discovered.

And if it's about exploring, consider that Baní has one of the few southern coastal areas with fine white sands and stunning natural beauty that fuses the enigmatic Las Calderas Bay, the Caribbean Sea and mountain areas.

Its great potential to become the new tourist destination of the country will see the light of day through the Puntarena project, the first hotel-real estate community in the region, which promises to open the doors of development in the province of Peravia.

Also, to the north has the sometimes-forgotten mountains El Recodo and El Manaclar, a kind of viewpoint that offers a panoramic view.

From there you can see the movement of ships in the port of Haina, the cane fields of the Caei sugar mill, the beaches of Nizao, Paya, Matanzas to the Salinas of Puerto Hermoso.

Live within nature and surround yourself in a natural splendor.


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